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1 month of stink.

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It’s been a whole month since you’ve decided that enough is enough and pigeons have had it easy for far too long. A month of blood, sweat and fecal matter.


A month ago Trampage was released and the team here at bricabrac games couldn’t be more disappointed. We were hoping to be millionaires by now and coasting along on the success of trampage. Its a good thing we kept our day jobs because we make terrible games designers.

That said, we had a chat and decided that trampage needs an update. First and foremost to fix the annoying crash some iOS users were having. Oops. And secondly, to add something for the hardcore fans. Since the start of time, trampage has been counting how many birds you’ve killed all together, not just in a row. Now we’ve added a leaderboard so that you can see who among the following is the most dedicated! (Translation: who uses their phone too much while on the toilet)


The update is rolling out now on iOS and Android and you’ll be able to see how you fare against other people who have little else to do in their lives but play really hard games…


Sincerely, Bricabracgames