Breakroom is a simple premise. When the timer starts it’s your job to break as many pieces of furniture that you can before the time runs out.

Simply tap the furniture that you would like to break.

We recommend starting with the STUPID Tetris wallpaper. It’s repulsive.




Scott sat there chewing away on his salad. The vein in his forehead pulsing with every rotation of his jaw. His eyes were balled up and his eyebrows furled into a scowl. He wished he lived in America with its lax gun controls but unfortunately he lived in the land of crumpets and sorrys.

“That’s what she said!” his co worker blurted out.

For the 46th time today.

Scott had snapped.

He jumped up to his feet knocking his chair backwards onto the floor which was followed by a  hush in the canteen, all eyes were on him.

He took his spoon and held it to the light examining it carefully, twisting it around his fingers. He nodded to the spoon then turned to face Stewart.

Stewart (his annoying co-worker of 2 years) sat there with a bemused look on his face.

It came as a total surprise to everyone (not Scott) when the spoon was jammed into Stewart’s eye socket. With a slight twist, Stewart’s eyeball popped out of his head and rolled across the floor. The eyeball rolled to a stop next to Scott who, lifted his foot into the air and stamped hard onto the floor. The eyeball burst squirting blood onto the wall near by, Stewarts face turned to one of horror…..

Scott started smashing everything in the break room until he was tackled to the floor 10 seconds later…


Now you can play the role of the world’s most relatable anti hero, as you wreak havoc on the break room for 10 seconds and then spend the rest of your life in a padded cell being probed in the anus by a hungover junior doctor. (padded cell – rectal probing game not included)