“Pew pew pew…”



Admit it, that sounded cool in your head right? Lasers, explosions, fire, hedgehogs.

What’s not to like?! (Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.)


Take control of a spaceship so tiny and pathetic that one single bullet will destroy its hull, rendering the crew a mess of giblets and leaving the debris scattered across the landscape.


Your goal is to survive wave after wave after wave after wave, of non-stop waves.

It’s a simple goal but one that even the best player will tire of in a matter of minutes.


To aid you in your quest to survive wave after wave*, you can upgrade your pathetic spaceship into a less pathetic version, using the scrap of your fallen enemies… How many waves can you survive?



Weapon upgrade system – lose all your weapon upgrade when you die!

Over 3 varieties of enemies (all with the same texture)

Repetitive gameplay with no development of game mechanics.

Music we borrowed from a royalty free youtuber.

And much much more. Wait… no, that’s about it actually.


*after wave, after wave.









Struggling to play? Check this out!

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