In case your struggling to play this amazing game, we’ve decided to come up with a small guide to help you along,  Bricabrac games brings you:

How to play Sand Shooters

(Said in echo-y voice)

Step 1: Don’t be an idiot.

Step 2: Pretend your expensive smart phone is a £20 controller (Hint – it isn’t).

Step 3: Use your left thumb to move (to work out which is your left thumb, see step 1).

Step 4: Use your right thumb to shoot (Hint- its the opposite of your left thumb).

Step 5: Use your mouth to shout obscenities at the screen when you die.

Step 6: When you have acquired some scrap, hit the upgrade button.

Step 7: Look at all the upgrades you can’t afford.

Step 8: If you can afford the upgrades congratulations, have a cookie! (cookies not included in game)

Step 9: Press the upgrade you’d like… for the upgrade you’d like! (It is a bit tricky we know)

Step 10: if you are hit you die. :(

Step 11: If you are hit 3 times, YOU DE’D.

Step 12: Your highest wave is recorded, Well done you.

Step 13: Replay the game and cry a little because your upgrades are gone.

Step 14: No actual step here but leaving it at 13 steps might be bad luck or something.



For those of you that HATE lists, especially lists that don’t make sense, we created this simple video for you to look at instead…




(Yes we know its a terrible quality GIF get over it)